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Entrepreneur Ecom: Complete Indian Ecommerce from Scratch
Entrepreneur Ecom: Complete Indian Ecommerce from Scratch

Entrepreneur Ecom: Complete Indian Ecommerce from Scratch

Product Description

Complete Step By Step Process to Create an Indian Ecommerce Business:

Topics Covered: Mindset Formation In this module you’ll learn the most essential fundamentals of creating a long term profitable business. It’s a process that Chirag learnt with time and experience and has summarized that into simple terms so that you can understand it easily.

Lesson 1: Business Fundamental Lesson 2: Belief System Lesson 3: Problem Solving Lesson 4: Responsibility Lesson 5: Prioritization Lesson 6: Deadlines & GOAL Setting

Legal Setup In this module you’ll learn Legal Requirements for this Business and how you need to set proper systems in place. We do have inhouse systems to help you with this

Lesson 1: Legal Overview Lesson 2: Company Registration Lesson 3: Everything about GST Lesson 4: Accounts handling

Research Techniques In this module you’ll discover the ways to research products for your business. We do have our own methods to help you get started instantly. We have your back in this whole business and are determined to make your venture successful.

Lesson 1: Product Research Criteria Lesson 2: Supplier Research Lesson 3: Product and Supplier Verification Lesson 4: What Products to avoid and what to start with

Store Creation Set-up In this module you’ll learn how you can create your own store even if you have no technical knowledge. We have covered everything from the basics, from thinking of a name, setting up your domain, logo creation, Product adding to making your store ready for sales.

Lesson 1: Store Foundation Setup Lesson 2: Logo creation Lesson 3: Store Settings Lesson 4: Payment Gateway Setup Lesson 5: Shipping Setup Lesson 6: Theme Customization Lesson 7: Product Page Setup Lesson 8: Important Apps for your store

Facebook ads The most important module where you will learn everything about Facebook ads, from basics. Even if you are new to Facebook ads you’ll be an expert till this module ends. From how to setup your ad account to testing products and scaling your business to multiple figures is covered in this.

Lesson 1: Understanding Facebook Ads Lesson 2: Facebook Business Manager Setup Lesson 3: Facebook Pixel Setup Lesson 4: Understanding Facebook Ads Dashboard Lesson 5: Interest Targeting on Facebook Lesson 6: When to scale and when to Stop Lesson 7: Scaling Strategies Lesson 8: Complete CBO Guide

Verification Process In this module everything you need to do before Shipping your orders is covered, we do have some solutions inside the module to help you jumpstart.

Order Verification Techniques Shipping Method Setup Label Setup Pickup and Return setup NDR & RTO Handling Process

In this module, we talk about NDR and RTO which is the most important part of this business as whole profit margins are dependent on this particular factor. We do have topics related to minimizing your RTO percentage to bring in more profits.

Understanding NDR & RTO Methods to Reduce RTO percentage How to Handle NDR and reduce RTO

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